You travel from village to village, meeting new friends, and new enemies. What would you do to become the greatest ninja? Would you betray your friends? Begin your journey now...
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Joukai Sanpo
Joukai Sanpo

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PostSubject: Forum Guide   Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:26 am

Hey its your friendly neighborhood admin! Here are some rules, hopefully you all will follow them. If they are broken...

1.) Recorded Warning
2.) Temporary Ban
3.) Permanent Ban

1)No unfair behavior, excessive foul language, or frequent spelling/grammer mistakes.

2)Absolutley NO god-moding. For those of you who don't know what that means. No controlling someones elses moves, Ignoring Battle posts, or being extremely unrealistic.

3)Your Profile for you character MUST be approved before you start posting.

4)Your name must be that of your character.

5)Admins and Mods are here to help you, so respect them.

6)Respect Fellow memebers.

7)Don't take constructive critizism personally, it's to help you.

8)Please stay on topic, if you want to talk about something else, create your own thread.

9)Don't hesitate to ask us for help or suggestions.

10)Theres a limit of 1 character per person, sorry if you have a brother or sister but we hate multi-counts.

11)Don't argue just for the sake of arguing.

12)Keep your posts in 3rd person when RPing

13)No excessive or to graphic violence or language. Mild is okay, but don't over do it.

14)Always try to help the noob's we all hate them but they have to start somewhere right?

15)Don't just get on here as a guest to post about your site- if your going to post, make a name for yourself, and don't just talk about your site- participate.

16)You may only join as the rank's being allowed, please check the 'Rank System' Announcement.

17)The Chunnin Exams will be held once every two-four weeks depending on how busy everyone is , It take some pretty good RPing to pass though.

18)Don't smoke crack!

19)No inter-clan breeding! For examole " My farther was from the Uchiha Clan, My mother was from the Hyuuga Clan. Therfore i'm an over powered mofo who likes to god mod when roleplaying. " You have can only come from a single clan, please don't argue with this it just makes things fair.

20)You may only ever post in two threads at one time, your character cannot be everywhere at once please remember this. I think were fair enough by stretching to two places so abide by our rules or you'll get a warning.

21)Don't delete your posts if you make a misake in battle, if you screw up take it like a man (or tough woman). try to continue with the RP as best you can. This makes it easier for mods to ref battles provided nothing is bein changed throughout the fight. Deleting posts will get you warnings!!.
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