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 Character Profile Template

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Joukai Sanpo
Joukai Sanpo

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Character Profile
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PostSubject: Character Profile Template   Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:14 am

Below you'll see our character template for your application, please follow it correctly. We use our template because it's much easier for moderation when looking for something specific on an application. Also we like to give our members freedom but in controled area's. For example we'd like you to be as creative as possible but using 'our' template, there is no need to add anything extra this template will provide us with all the informatin we need. Please take your time and make sure your template follows all our guide line posts in the forum regulation & character creation threads.

Character Profile

Name: (This requires your characters full name, including your clan.)
--Nickname: (This can be whatever you want people to call you.)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (Please be realistic, you wouldnt be an academy student in your 20's)
Clan: (Clan Name.)

Unique Traits: (Anything that stands out making your character different from everyone else.)

Appearence: (Can be image or detailed description.)

Personality: (Detailed description of your characters personality.)

Village Information

Village of Birth: (Your character could be born in any village.)
Village of Alliance: (At the moment you can only be Allied with Hidden Leaf or Rain.)

Status Information

Ninja Rank: ( Academy Student / Tokubetsu Jounin / Missing Ninja ) (Only At The Moment!)
Sub-Rank: (Gained through Role Playing Only!)
Specialty: (See Character Creation Guide!)
Sub-Spec: (See Character Creation Guide!)
Chakra Element: (Character Creation Guide! & Chakra Element Affinity!)
Chakra Colour: (See Chakra Explanation!)

Jutsu Knowledge: (Justu your character can perform)

Background Information

History:(Detailed background history on your character, the higher the rank the more detail & length are needed)

Misc. Data

Role Playing Sample:
(Random RP sample, Make it good or your application will be an EPIC FAIL!)
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Character Profile Template
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