You travel from village to village, meeting new friends, and new enemies. What would you do to become the greatest ninja? Would you betray your friends? Begin your journey now...
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 Character Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guide   Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:15 am

The Custom Character Creation Breakdown

(You Can Only Join as ACADEMY STUDENT or DEMON) + one akatsuki spot is open

Title of your topic (Just put your characters name as the title.)

This is the first thing we shall address. Please make the title of your post related to your character. "My Custom Character" , "[Your Character's Name]", "]Your Character's name and what village they are from]" are all acceptable. But topics labeled "My Character (NEEDS APPROVAL!!) Will be ignored. More then likely these topics are just filled with errors. Now we know you just want to get started Role Playing, but your not the only one waiting to get approved. Putting things like that in your topic make it look like you have been waiting months for approval, when you have just posted it. Plus your Character doesn't need approval, it needs reviewing, approval is what you get if your character is done correctly.

So keep your title much like the ones below
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto - Konoha

Basic Information Breakdown

Names // Nicknames

What we are looking here is just a simple Surname, Birth Name combination. Your Surname can be from either your clan, or just a name passed down to you from your father or mother. You can find some good names in the links below.

This will be stated here. Just because you put that your character is "Such and Such" Sage. Does not mean you are allowed access to Sage chakra. Sage Chakra is currently locked, for its abilities are still unknown.

Please refrain from giving your character any names that include curse words, or any kind of slang for body parts. This site is PG-13, and we like to try and keep it that way. (lol)

Character Name : Uzumaki, Naruto
~Nickname : Konoha's #1 Hyperactive Loudmouth Ninja

Gender // Age

Gender and Age are pretty straight forward. For gender please only put Male or Female. We will not accept; Beast Hybrid, Transsexual, Demon, or Angelic. We run a PG-13 site, that means no Gay, lesbian, or Bestiality type characters. Before you try and argue over seeing those types around, it will be stated here. Those character were made, and then RP'ed out to that situation. Any character trying to start off like that will be denied without a second guess. This is a strict rule, so do not flame the Creation Mods with your disapprovals.

As for age, an academy student 8-13, even a genin has to be 10-16. In the manga there have been a few over 30 looking ninja even in the Chuunin exam. But before you make some 50+ year old shinobi, please remember to keep in their age when rping. They are not going to be jumping off walls and soaring around the fields like jack rabbits, without any kind of side effects to their health.

Clan // Family Name

Okay, the first mistake people make here, is putting their Surname. It was stated in the last profile to do this, but after sometime it was annoying to have users try and yell at the mods that their clan has no special ability, because they failed to mention that. So only write your clan's name here if it has a special ability (Kekkei Genkai), or special training. This way we know right away, as well it will take away more hassle you have to go through to get approved. Please post a link to your Approved Clan profile. As stated. Your clan must be approved before you can get your character approved.

Character Looks // Appearence

Looks should be a pretty simple section. What we need is a description of what your character wears, his body description, and small things like hair color. We accept pictures in replacement for what your character looks like. But please don't say "Refer to Picture" or anything of the sort. As well just like clans if you state having any kind of Curse Seal, or Clan Seal on your body, you will have to get them approved first.

Personality // Humor

Personality is a bit harder then looks. This is for you don't have something visual to reference to. What we want to see here is things like, what does your character hate, what is their attitude in battle, and who they react to others. It's always good to add little things like personality quirks, that can make rping with them fun, or to give your character a little uniqueness to them.

Village Information Break Down

Village of Birth

You can state just about any Canon Hidden Village that has been featured in the Name that you want. Though the Star Village, is open to be from, the Sacred Chakra abilities from it are locked. So do not try to say you have its abilities.

Village of Alliance // Living

Your alliance can only fall under one of the following villages.

Village Currently Open for Joining :-

Konohagakure no Sato (The Hidden Leaf Village) - Open.
Kirigakure no Sato (The Hidden Mist Village) - Closed.
Kumogakure no Sato (The Hidden Cloud Village) - Closed.
Iwagakure no Sato (The Hidden Rock Village) - Closed.
Sunagakure no Sato (The Hidden Sand Village) - Closed.

Please refer to the status of each village when wanting to join a village. These reflect which village needs shinobi over the others, We all know you wana be a cool Kirigakure or Sunagakure shinobi, but try and spread the ninja out. The more shinobi there are in each vilage the more fun plot rps will become. However for the time being only Konohagakure will be open, until the rpg picks up of course then more will become available.

For those that wish to have no ties to a village, simply put - Wanderer - As your Alliance. Please don't put anything other then wanderer. (This is for missing ninja only!)

Rank // Chakra Information Breakdown

Ninja Rank

Ninja rank is just that, you rank as a ninja. This shows your character's skill in battle opposed to others. While the majority of people you meet will be genin, there are quite a few higher rank characters out there, so be on guard. All new Character starts as Academy Student, unless special individuals are selected. Please don't not try and post any other custom rank names or anything. If you prove your a good member over time then in the event of your characters death you will not have to start as an academy student again, higher ranks will be open to you. Please understand not everyone is a great rp'er so it's in our best intrest to stop Noob jounin/akatsuki appearing. (Note: If you were a terrible member throughout the forum if your character die's you may be banned from having another.)


Your character must specialize in something. This is where you can tell us. But there is a set list you can pick from. The list is located below. You can choose one, and only one specialty when starting as a Academy student. When choosing a Specialty keeps in mind this is what your character is most likely to use in battle. It makes no sense for you to choose weaponry, and load up on genjutsu for your jutsu. Below is a list of ranks and what you gain by ranking up, please remeber this information when creating your application.

Academy Student
Specialty(s): +1
Element(s): None

Specialty(s): +1
Element(s): +1

Specialty(s): +1
Element(s): +2

Spec Jounin
Specialty(s): +2
Element(s): +2

Specialty(s): +2
Element(s): +3

Specialty(s): +3
Element(s): +3

List of Specialties :-

4.)Kenjutsu (Wepons)

What you pick here isn't the only thing you can use in battle, but rather what you’re more skilled in then others. But just keep in mind, even the best ninja around here don't know everything.

List of Sub-Specialties:- (Note: Subs can only be learnt through role playing on the forum however no matter what rank you are you may only ever learn one sub-specialty.)

1.) Kinjutsu
2.) Medical Arts
3.) Doujutsu
4.) Fuujutsu

Chakra Element

Here you place what your character's main element is. Genin can have one and only one beginning element. Do not post more then one element and say you’re putting it for future reference. We want only the one you want now. When choosing an advance element, it must be in your clan's description to be allowed such an element, as well you only get the advance element, and not the basic elements needed to attain it. That is until you advance in rank and can choose more elements.

List of Elements can be found HERE

Background Information Breakdown


Your story is up to you. Though here are some guidelines. First, you cannot be related to a Canon Character. Canon Characters are character from the series. Any trying to be related to a Canon will be denied. Like stated in Gender, no Gay Lesbian or any other sexual preferences should be in the history. This was a rule stated by the Head Admin from the start of the site, please abide by it. Since most of you are Genin, there shouldn't be any killing of Chuunin or Jounin in your history. It has been said before that it take almost three genin to take down a chuunin, and who knows how many for a Jounin. For example watch when Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke take on Kakashi. They got their butts handed to them. So if you kill anyone in your history, there better be a long description on how you did, out side of Chuunin+ ninja of course.

Do not include Jutsu in your history please. As well and Clan jutsu, Seals, or Demons, must be approved before your character can be approved. So please do not make them a part of your history unless you are sure your going to make and use them.
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Character Creation Guide
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