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 Equipment Creation

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PostSubject: Equipment Creation   Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:27 pm

In addition to the weapons every ninja carries, some ninjas have taken on personalized weapons with which they have developed special skills. Generally these will be actual physical manifestations of weapons in some form, rather than elemental attacks created by jutsu such as mud or fire. In addition to the weapon a ninja carries into battle, they will also carry items which may help them escape from traps or protect and heal themselves.

(Note: Academy Students cannot create special equipment)

In this area, post any equipment/custom wepon(s) your character will use. Here's the template:

Name of Equipment:

Equipment Backgroud: (Detailed information about how you came into possesion of the wepon/equipment.)

Equipment Description: (Detailed information on the look of your equipment or you can post an image.)

Equipment Effect: (Detailed information on the effect's of your equipment/wepon.
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Equipment Creation
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