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 General Ninja Tactics. (Room one)

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PostSubject: Re: General Ninja Tactics. (Room one)   Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:37 pm

"Yes sir, thank you", Yuno said as she smilingly stepped to one of the empty tables in the classroom. Once she reached the spot and sat on the wooden chair, she took out a small piece of paper and a pencil and intensively started to write her essay. The tip of her tongue was visible between her lips as she put effort into writing a good essay, as well as a fast one to get this over with. In practicly a record time she finished her masterpiece and stood up from her desk. With large and proud steps she walked to the sensei at the blackboard again, whom she showed her essay. In a almost unreadable writing, it said the following:

The bandit, being an ex-samurai, has a clear advantage over me in close combat. One might say being a close-combat expert might be an advantage in this situation, but the opposite is true. I know few things that are not preformed at close range, and even if I'm better at close combat then the regular academy student, I'd still easily lose to that samurai. That leaves few possibilities for me. I'd say the 2 most promising ones are either trapping or the element of suprise. I'd go for both for the largest effect. I'd track down the samurai, set up a trap with some wires and some kunai, perhaps some tags, and lure him into it. A trap like that is not likely to kill him, but will definitely knock him out enough or damage him bad enough for me to be able to capture him.
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PostSubject: Re: General Ninja Tactics. (Room one)   Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:46 pm

Sakon pick up the paper from Yuno and read over it walking back and fort, he then stop and turn back to Yuno "good I say you pass" said with a smile
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General Ninja Tactics. (Room one)
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