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 Role play Guide

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Joukai Sanpo
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PostSubject: Role play Guide   Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:02 pm

We like the idea of giving our members alot of freedom when it come's to role playing basicly the only thing we try to stop is god modding. Hopefully our chakra limit will stop this and actually make you think what jutsu's to use with your character and when. You'll notice a chakra bar, the amount of chakra you have depends what rank you are. Each jutsu rank require's a certain amount of chakra therefore your limited by how many jutsu's you can perform stopping people who like to attempt fithteen rasengan shuriken jutsu in a row. (lol) So, below i'll list the amount of chakra each rank has and then the amount of chakra each jutsu rank needs to be performed.

Academy Student:-
Chakra: 30/30

Chakra: 60/60

Chakra: 120/120

Special Jounin:-
Chakra: 240/240

Chakra: 480/480

Chakra: 960/960

Here's the chakra limit for each jutsu rank...

E Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 10

D Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 20

C Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 40

B Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 80

A Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 160

S Rank Jutsu:-
Chakra Cost: 320
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Role play Guide
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