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 Curse Seal Creation

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PostSubject: Curse Seal Creation   Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:35 pm

As a form of control, the Sound ninja Orochimaru will place cursed seals on those he wishes to grant more power. Orochimaru developed the enzyme to create the cursed seal from a young man named Juugo who sought help from him. Juugo's body naturally entered into this "Level 1" and "Level 2" state, which caused him to lose control and enter a state of powerful blood lust. Orochimaru experimented with this ability and developed a way to grant this power to other normal ninja. Once the seal is placed on a ninja the chance of surviving is one in ten. Once in place the seal will grant the wearer the ability to access their real power. By releasing chakra, the seal becomes active and begins to forcibly pull out even more chakra. When the wearer releases the cursed seal to activate the extra chakra, they will lose their free will permanently over time, transforming the user into Orochimaru's slave.

Post all your curse seal here. Remember, not too powerful. Here's the template:

Name of the Curse Seal:

Description: (What does it do to your appearence.)

Effects: (How does it affect your power/abillitys.)
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Curse Seal Creation
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