You travel from village to village, meeting new friends, and new enemies. What would you do to become the greatest ninja? Would you betray your friends? Begin your journey now...
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 Rank System

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PostSubject: Rank System   Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:58 am

The ninja in a hidden village have their own skill levels which help delineate what rank they are. The most talented ninja in the village is generally the Kage who leads the village, the lowest tier is made up of those young individuals training in the ninja academy. Listed below is the ranking from lowest skill level to highest. Groups such as the ANBU are not a level, but rather a specialized unit made up of ninja from the Chuunin and Jounin levels.

(This new rank system was brought to you by Sakon & Kamatari )

Academy Student:-
Description: Ninja Academy students like Konohamaru are taught the basic jutsu skills. Once they have mastered the needed skills, they are able to graduate and become actual ninja. However if the new Genin do not impress their Jounin sensei, they can be sent back to the Academy for further training.
--Head Academy Student:-(Sub Rank/Devision)
Description: This student stands out from the crowed and by doing so has been self appointed Head student. Leading the class on random adventures with no real reward is what this character does best. Causing trouble and annoying the higher ranked ninja is the everyday task of the academy students when their not studying of course.
---Jutsu Rank: E-D

Description: Genin are the lowest of ninja skill levels. They possess a knowledge of all the basic ninja skills and will do lower C & D rank missions with their Jounin sensei. Once the Genin has successfully undertaken eight missions, they can be sponsored by their Jounin sensei for the Chuunin Exam. Whatever the Genin's main specialty is will decide which catagory they fall into when being put into squads with their Jounin sensei's.
--Special Genin:-
Description: Genin automaticaly become special when they aquire jutsu that suit their main character specialty. This however will only be used to determin when entering the chuunin exam or being placed into squads.
---Jutsu Rank: E-C

Description: The Chuunin is the basic journeyman ninja of the village. These ninja can become field doctors or teachers. They were formerly Genin who were promoted for displaying excellent intelligence, strategy and combat skills in the Chuunin Exam. Chuunin have the equivalent rank of military captain, exhibiting strong stamina, knowledge and inner wisdom.
--Academy teachers:-
Description: These Chuunin work at the Academy and teach students. They help protect the children and civilians in case of an attack, but their main duty is to teach the newer generations and get them ready for their responsibilities as konoha shinobi.
--Gate Guards:-
Description: These Chuunin guard the Village. They do menial tasks like getting files along with guarding the Kageís office and the Village gates. They are the ones who allow travelers in and out of the Village.
--Medic Nin:-
Description: These Chuunin are the lowest ranked medic nin. They generally work out in the field along with teams but they also work as doctors/nurses in the hospitals.
Description: These Chuunin focus on chasing after and killing renegade ninja from their Village. At this rank they would focus on Chuunin ranked missing-nin.

Special Jounin:- (They specialize in many aspects of the shinobi trade.)
Description: I would propose that players could come up with a custom specialization when they attain this rank. Since characters vary, it would be narrow minded to just list a small set of skills that someone could specialize in. Their choice would have to be logical, taking into thought their character and it would have to be approved by an mod/admin.
Some examples of this being: One specific weapon, a certain element, disguise, analyzing situations, research, a certain form of Taijutsu. Really, people could be very creative in this situation.
---Jutsu Rank: E-B

Description: The Jounin are ninja who are highly skilled in all jutsu skills and arts. Ninja attain the rank of Jounin through official appointment. The Jounin generally serve as squad commander for mission operations.
--Jounin sensei:-
Description: These Jounin are the leaders of a 3 man team made up of Genin. They teach the Genin and try to get them to Chuunin rank.
--Medic Nin:-
Description: These Jounin are the skilled medic nin. They work as doctors in the hospitals and also as field operatives.
Description: These Jounin are skilled in finding and killing missing-nin from their Village. They would focus on Jounin level missing-nin.
--Elite tutors:-
Description: These Jounin would specialize in teaching others. They would be more skilled at teaching then normal Jounin sensei but they would not have a team as senseiís do.
Description: These Jounin would be the best out of all the Jounin in the Village.
-Intel: This subdivision would focus on gathering important information, espionage, infiltration things like that.
-Torture: This subdivision would focus on questioning prisoners or other detained people.
-Assassination: This subdivision would focus on quickly and quietly taking out powerful, important and otherwise dangerous targets. They would be the best of the best in this area.
-Root: This subdivision works outside the normal Anbu units and their mission/action's are guided by the village council rather then the Hokage.
---Jutus Rank: E-A

Description: The village Kage is the strongest ninja in the hidden village. The Kage serves as the pillar upon which the village stands and the strength a village presents to the other ninja countries largely depends upon the strength of the Kage in power. They have excellent chakra and stamina and know the most jutsu techniques. Only the Five Great Shinobi Countries are allowed to call their head ninja by the Kage name.
---Jutsu Rank: E-S

Missin Ninja:- (Genin+)
Description: These shinobi have abandoned their village however are subject from Hunter attack's while traveling from location to location. These shinobi have no home and are bound by no rule's to decide their actions, some would consider them 'free'.
---Jutsu Rank: (Whatever the character's village rank was.)

Akatsuki:- (Missin Ninja Only)
Description: The Akatsuki kanji means daybreak, breaking down the word itself gives us "aka" meaning red (a common color in the group) and "tsuki" meaning moon. This Organization is a collection of criminals. Many of these are missing-nins who fled their villages after causing death and destruction.
--Akatsuki Leader:-
Description: The leader and spear head of the Akatsuki organisation, commanding it's followers to carry out any plots they may have with extreme violence and force. Some say the leader of Akatsuki has the power to rival a Kage.
---Jutsu Rank: (Whatever the character's village rank was.)
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Rank System
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