You travel from village to village, meeting new friends, and new enemies. What would you do to become the greatest ninja? Would you betray your friends? Begin your journey now...
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 Play Ground

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Joukai Sanpo

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PostSubject: Play Ground   Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:29 am

(Academy students can post here about pretty much anythink aslong as it's to do with role playing their characters or RP events which require some form of action.)

Joukai was feeling very pleased with himself today, everyone could tell he was in a good mood because of the huge smile he carried. His teachers had given him praise for his kunai throwing which was pretty much the only compliment he'd ever had while at the academy. The tempreture seemed pretty high, with the sun's rays shining down on the village everything seemed perfect,
' Perfect time to eat lunch! ' Joukai thought to himself his smile growing into a goofy grin. As he sat down under the shade of a large tree he began to shovel todays meal into his mouth.
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Kairai Boushi
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Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Play Ground   Wed Oct 01, 2008 4:29 am

Kairai walked around, his large backpack on his back. His face was covered in ash and there seemed to be flames hanging on the tips of his hair. He sat down at a bench and put his pack down in front of him. Opening it, he began to fish through it, looking for something.
"Aha!" he exclaimed as he pulled out a pair of goggles with tinted lenses. He pulled out a blowtorch and few pieces of metal.
"Stupid father," he muttered, lighting the torch, "So what if I accidentally blew up his workshop? Science is all about trial and error."
Kairai put the goggles on and positioned the metal so that he could weld it.
"I think I'm forgetting... Oh yes!" He rummaged through the pack once more and pulled out a small folding table that was slightly taller than the bench. "At least he didn't take my mobile shop."
He placed the metal pieces on the table and held them together with one hand, while holding the lit blowtorch in his free hand.
"Oops, safety first," he said, removing two thick work gloves from his pocket and putting them on his hands.
He got the metal and blowtorch into position again and started to weld. Sparks flew as the extremely high temperatures of the flame melted the two metal sheets together.
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Play Ground
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