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 Jutsu Creation

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PostSubject: Jutsu Creation   Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:38 pm

Creation Rules

Jutsu, or skills/techniques, are the mystical arts a ninja will utilize in battle. To use a jutsu, the ninja will need to use his chakra. Chakra comes from two places. (1) the body energy inherent in your trillions of cells and (2) the mental & spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. To perform a jutsu, the ninja will bring out and release these two energies. By forming handseals, the ninja is able manifest the desired jutsu. Because of the extensive number of hand seals and different combinations, there are thousands of potential jutsu to be discovered.

(Jutsu creation is restricted to certain ranks, while others are only allowed to learn/use 'cannon'(series) jutsu. Below i will post the character ranks and jutsu ranks compatible.)

Due to the recent chakra system created on this forum even if a character were to be taught a jutsu from a higher ranked ninja if they didn't have enough chakra points to use the attack it would be useless having it. Although there is no rule against being taught higher level jutsu once you reach 'Genin Rank'.

Academy Student:- (Cannot Learn Jutsu From Other PC)
Cannon Jutsu: E-D
Custom Jutsu: (Cannot Create At this Rank!)

Cannon Jutsu: E-C
Custom Jutsu: E-C

Cannon Jutsu: E-B
Custom Jutsu: E-C

Spec Jounin:-
Cannon Jutsu: E-B
Custom Jutsu: E-B

Cannon Jutsu: E-A
Custom Jutsu: E-A

Cannon Jutsu: E-S
Custom Jutsu: E-S

Cannon Jutsu: E-S
Custom Jutsu: E-S

Missin Ninja:-
Cannon Jutsu: (Depends On Village Rank)
Custom Jutsu: (Depends On Village Rank)

Cannon Jutsu: (Depends On Village Rank)
Custom Jutsu: (Depends On Village Rank)

Jutsu Creation Template

Post all your jutsu here. Here's the template:

Jutsu Name:

Jutsu Rank: (E-S)

Element: (Only if one is used)

Jutsu Type: (Tai, Nin, Gen, Med, Ken, Puppet)

Description: (What the jutsu does)
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Jutsu Creation
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